The Supply Chain Recruitment Professionals

Labourforce is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of managed labour and staffing solutions to the Supply Chain Industry. With 20 years’ experience partnering with the logistics industry, our team of professional consultants understand your staffing needs. We recruit, medically assess and Drug & Alcohol test all our casuals for the logistics industry to provide our clients a safer, more reliable and productive worker.

Safety is an Attitude

We incorporate a strong consultative and risk management approach that is compliant to the relevant Workplace Health & Safety, and Injury Management legislation so we can take care of and protect our Workers, our Clients and Others in the workplace. We believe in a proactive WHS culture with outcomes focussing on:

  • Training, Assessment & Inductions
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments
  • Consultation, Review and Monitoring
  • Workplace Health & Culture
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Drug & Alcohol Testing + Medical Assessments

Labourforce promote a safe and drug and alcohol free workplace.
All Labourforce casuals must complete a pre-employment medical and pass D&A testing.
This ensures our clients have a safe, reliable and productive Labourforce casual working for them.

For companies who want easy to access quality workforce drug and alcohol testing, LabourHealth is the best because it provides:
• No hassle testing • Quality service • Workplace experience

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Industry Specialists

Download the latest Job Index report

Key Findings
  • The Labourforce Trucking Job Index measures demand over the last four years. 2015 is the base year when the Index is set at 100.00.
  • Trucking job vacancies have risen 60% in the three years to 2018. Demand rose dramatically in the first two years, it peaked in 2017 and slipped back in 2018.
  • This growth in job opportunities is above the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain sector more broadly (e.g. across all occupations) and above the national market across all industries.
  • It is interesting to note that over this three year period the percentage of “Contingent” job vacancies has fallen as a percentage of all job vacancies from 24.9% (one in four) to 18.6% (close to one in five).
  • This fall contrasts with the belief by many that “contingent” or “insecure” employment is growing. The data suggests otherwise.
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Job Index Report