Truck driver workforce shortages: A perfect storm

There is essentially a perfect storm facing supply of truck drivers in the Australian transport industry. Labourforce has published a report that focuses on the five major issues that require a collective industry response that is practical, relevant, adds value to the businesses in the sector and can help solve the key long term challenges.

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Look Right

Look right, look left, and look right again. As children, safety messages are hammered home and we learn to cross the street safely. But as adults, there’s a disconnect. Despite a growing focus on safety, work-related injuries, illnesses, and death cost Australians more than $60 billion a year.

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April 2019 Trucking Report

The Labourforce Trucking Job Index measures demand over the last four years. 2015 is the base year when the Index is set at 100.00.
Trucking job vacancies have risen 60% in the three years to 2018. Demand rose dramatically in the first two years, it peaked in 2017 and slipped back in 2018.

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