Guidance Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
Provide and promote hand sanitiser stations for use on entering building and other locations in the worksite and ensure adequate supplies of hand soap and paper towels are available for staff. Sanitiser bottle pump packs placed at front counter in  office, also at all employees desks, all toilets provided with soap and paper towel.
Where possible: enhance airflow by opening windows and adjusting air conditioning. Closed office space only ventilation through air conditioning system.
In areas or workplaces where it is required, ensure all staff wear a face covering and/or required PPE, unless a lawful exception applies. Ensure adequate face coverings and PPE are available to staff that do not have their own. Disposable face masks available at front counter for all staff and visitors, extra masks kept on hand, also gloves available if required.
Provide training to staff on the correct use and disposal of face coverings and PPE, and on good hygiene practices and slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Posters and visual aids around offices for staff to follow, as well as on the correct hygiene practises while working in the office.


Guidance Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
Increase environmental cleaning (including between changes of staff), ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly (at least twice daily). All high touch surfaces are cleaned down with disposable disinfectant wipes at the end of the day and prior to any persons entering the office, office is also professionally cleaned once a week after hours while there are no staff onsite.
Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant. Adequate supplies are kept in office & re-ordered as required.

Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance

Guidance Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19
Establish a system that ensures staff members are not working across multiple settings/work sites. Labourforce Account Managers will only allow candidates to work at one host client to reduce the risk of cross infection to other sites.
Establish a system to screen employees and visitors before accessing the workplace. Employers cannot require employees to work when unwell. Staff and visitors are screened by phone prior to coming into the office and once they are at the office they complete a temperature check and sanitise their hands before entering the office space and staff are advised to stay home if they are feeling unwell.
Labourforce will work with clients so that social distancing at work is achieved where possible. Workers are encouraged to comply with clients requests regarding social distancing as much as possible to minimise risk of infection.
Use floor markings to provide minimum physical distancing guides between workstations or areas that are likely to create a congregation of staff. Floor markings in the office are 1.5 metres around the front counter, which is only used for visitors using front counter.

Floor markings around the office not required as staff are 1.5 metres from each other and cubicles in between and there are no more than 4 staff in the office at a time.

Provide training to staff on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising (e.g. during lunchbreaks). The use of visual aids and posters informing the staff about social distancing requirements around the office and review of the policy if required.
Review delivery protocols to limit contact between delivery drivers and staff. Not Applicable to this office, but if stationary deliveries are required they are left at the front door for staff to collect.
Review and update work rosters and timetables where possible to ensure temporal as well as physical distancing. Not Applicable to this office due to all staff working remotely, so rosters are not required.